UH-1H Edge Huey II Helicopter in Latin America

UH-1H Edge Huey II helicopter. A modified UH-1H with improved performance, engine protection and satellite tracking. UH-1H Edge Huey II helicopter in Latin America.


We took an UH-1H and transformed it into a “Super” Helicopter


The First UH-1H Edge Huey II Helicopter Technology Seminar in Latin America

We introduced the concept of the UH-1H Edge Huey II helicopter at the first UH-1H Edge Huey II Helicopter Technology Seminar at Fort Tolemaida. A Colombian Army Aviation base.

This Huey II seminar included the Colombian Army Aviation General Barrios, Colombian Army UH-1H pilots and UH-1H technical personnel.


We discussed the integration of the different technologies in the improved Huey II “UH-1H Edge”

  • More aerodynamic, improving the aircraft performance.
  • Engine protection to reach the time between Overhauls (TBO)
  • Track the engine cycles accurately to avoid condemning parts before time.


Our Defense division includes experienced military advisors that value the importance of improving helicopter operations in Latin America

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