Helicopter Engine Monitoring Latin America

I am pleased to announce that Aeronautic Investments has been named the Exclusive Distributor for AKV Inc for Latin America and the Caribbean.

AKV Inc designs and manufactures helicopter engine monitoring systems and helicopter engine cycle counters.

Their current product line includes the AS350, Bell Mediums and BK117 (EC145) and soon they will add products for the AS332L Super Puma.

Validated By Turbomeca

AKV Engine Cycle Counters are validated by Turbomeca.

The AS350 helicopter cycle counter and the EC145 helicopter cycle counter provide operators savings over the engine life.

They maximize engine cycle life and decrease costs of operation.

AS350 Engine Cycle Counter

AS350 engine cycle counter (image source: AKV Inc.)

AS350 engine cycle counter (image source: AKV Inc.)

The AS350 engine cycle counter is validated by Turbomeca.

It has the following approvals:

  • FAA
  • ANAC
  • EASA
  • TC

It is the most affordable Ng/Np engine cycle counter in the market.

The AS350 cycle counter is approved for the following helicopters:

  • AS350C
  • AS350D
  • AS350B
  • AS350BA
  • AS350B1
  • AS350B2 (VEMD)
  • Soloy & Heli-Lynx
  • LTS101 Engine Conversion

AS350 ETM Helicopter Engine Trend Monitoring

The AS350 helicopter engine trend monitoring records all drive train parameters for exceedances and trending.

The ETM1000 is the only helicopter engine trend monitoring system with the complete Rotorcraft Flight Manual (RFM) operating limitations.

Some of the parameters that this helicopter ETM can record are:

  • N1 – Gas Producer
  • N2 – Free Turbine
  • Nr – Rotor
  • MGT – Measured Gas Temperature
  • Tq – Torque
  • More‚Ķ

The ETM1000 is approved for:

  • AS350 with Arriel 1 engine
  • AS350 with LTS101 engine

More Helicopter Engine Monitoring Solutions

AKV also has the following products that reduce operational costs and increase engine life cycles:

AS350 Helicopter Solutions

  • AS350 Np (Free Turbine) Tachometer Generator Kit
  • AS350 Dual Tachometer Indicator
  • EC130 Left Lateral Bell Crank Bushings and Reamers

BK117 (EC145) Helicopter Solutions

  • BK117 Dual Engine Cycle Counter
  • EC145 Dual Engine Cycle Counter

AS332 Helicopter Solutions

  • AS332 Dual Engine Cycle Counter

Bell Helicopter Cycle Counter

Helicopter cycle counter applicable to these engines:

  • T53-L-13B
  • T53-L-703
  • T5313B
  • T5317A/B
  • T5317BCV
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