AS350 Helicopter Avioandes Ecuador – AKV Cycle Counter

AS350 helicopter in Ecuador. Avioandes is an helicopter operator that uses AKV AS350 helicopter cycle counter.

AS350 helicopter Ecuador Avioandes

As the exclusive distributor for AKV in Latin America. We took on the mission to help Latin American helicopter operators improve their helicopter performance.


Aeronautic Helicopter Solutions

We offer AS350 helicopter operators 2 important solutions:

  • Engine Cycle Counter
  • Exceedance and Trend Monitoring System


AKV Helicopter Engine Cycle Counter

The helicopter engine cycle counter from AKV is the most affordable Ng/Np cycle counting device that complies with the requirements for Turbomeca Arriel 1, Honeywell LTS101-600 series and 700D-2 engines.


AKV Exceedance and Trend Monitoring System

The Exceedance and Trend Monitoring system is a data acquisition unit that has the following benefits:

  • Records all drive train parameters.
  • Exceedance alerts are sent to the pilot by audio.
  • Mounted panel pushbuttons annunciators also alerts the pilot with exceedances, indicating caution and warning


Avioandes AS350 Helicopter Operator in Ecuador

We are working with Avioandes to improve their helicopter operations.

They acquired and installed a cycle counter and trend monitoring system for one of their AS350 helicopters (AS350BA).


The AS350 Helicopter Solution Includes:

  • Engine Cycle Counter
  • Exceedance and Trend Monitoring system
  • Dual Nr/Np Tachometer Indicator
  • Ground Support Programming kit


Avioandes is an helicopter operator in Ecuador with a fleet of Airbus Helicopters AS350B3, AS350B2 and AS355 with over 7,000 flight hours of experience.


Engine Cycle Counter and Trend Monitoring is a valuable product certified by the manufacturer Turbomeca.


This system will provide an excellent tool for Avioandes in which they will have the capability to increase engine cycle life and register Np parameters previously not recorded by the AS350BA.

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